KEITH BULLOCK has information on where to have Fun. The hot spots Clearwater beach Tampa Florida, videos of the action near Pier 60. A nice place for live entertainment and dancing, lots of souvenir shops, hotels and lodging on the water.

DINNER DANCING CLEAR WATER BEACHCLEAR WATER BEACH TOURI've written (4) books that have not been published as of yet. My own game show which I feel is a great Accomplishment will be coming out soon on our live YouTube channel, as we get 1000 viewers  so please subscribe!


Your going to love this one folks. I guess it's just on  my bucket list to do voiceovers  or to be a game show host . I was  taught at an early age, if you want to do something right "Do it yourself"    it's probably the only way I'm going to get into TV production  anyway!

If I were going to photograph anything on a professional level it would be jewelry it is my favorite subject to photograph

I Keith Bullock coined that phrase,"Jewelry Rings The Wedding"

The Photography of jewelry and gems has always passion of mine, lighting is the key to showing the facets of a diamond, color,cut and clarity.

One of my favorite jewelry designers is Zac Posen famous for his bridal designs he is the new fashionista on project runway, everything he does is amazing his attention to detail is unparalleled Zac Posen does a considerably better product partnered with Blue Nile.

What's the difference between American football, and European football .
Football is an All-American Tournament The object is simply to score more touchdowns than the opposing team.

European Football is a ball game played on a rectangular grass   field with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to score maximum goal into the opposing goal, in this game player may not use their hands or arms to propel the ball the winner of the  match is  the team that has scored most goals at the end of the   match.

 In a American football contest there are two teams competing   against each other. Each group consists of not more than eleven players, with one goalkeeper. The ball must be kicked after each score and to start each half (and overtime). PATs                        (point after touchdown) are mandatory if no 2-point conversion  rule is in place. All other kicks are optional.

The football may be punted on any play. A punt before fourth    down is usually attempted as a quick kick. (Punts and quick kicks must be from behind the line of scrimmage.) Field goals also may be attempted on any down. PATs may be attempted             immediately after a touchdown. A fair catch kick for 3 points   may be attempted after a fair catch.

Other than that, you are not allowed to kick the ball.




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